Friday, February 18, 2011

I remember in my previous blogging life, before the arrival of the delicious time vacuum that is my daughter Audrey, I found I would get frustrated by my ability to spend more time looking at other's crafting productivity than producing my own craft.

I had a similarly 'humphf' moment this week when I realised that I'd spent hours (and hours) on the craft blog internet circuit, leaving my many WIP to gather dust. Don't get my wrong ... I was inspired and excited by much of what I saw out there ... but like going to an art gallery, there comes a point when you want to go home and get your knitting needles out. And if you don't get your knitting needles or sewing machine or sketch pad out ... its like all that inspiration seeps slowly out of you and all is forgotten.

But it seems I have actually been crafting of late, I took a look at the recently finished projects and there's quite a lot kicking about ... so I'm going to begin my show and tell with cushions:

This is a cushion I made a couple of months back from two woollen jerseys I found at a charity store. I felted them in the washing machine then cut little scales and sewed them down. Not the neatest sewing ever, but I like the result nonetheless.

I made these last three from Echino fabrics sourced from Superbuzzy. I love their bright colours on a natural base, really gorgeous.

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Lesley said...

Oh, and more colour here too - I love the 3 printed ones - lovely material.