Wednesday, December 10, 2008

oui je t'aime la droguerie

Poor neglected blog ... prechristmas busy-ness and work demands have meant the blog has been ignored. There's some Paris photos waiting in the wings ... but until I get a little more than 15 minutes to sort them out they won't be moving. I have however managed to upload pictures of Parisian alpaca yarn transformed into a hat for my beloved. Finished last night at knit group.

The Parisian source was La droguerie, the most delicious lolly shop of yarns and haberdashery. I spent the first 15 minutes there with my mouth hanging open with shear delight and joy. I can't tell you how beautiful it was ... thought I'd died and gone to heaven. They have all the yarns in skeins hanging in their fibre content/ply sections on poles in a sort of industrial modern meets ye-olde wooden shelved hardware store. (I found a blog with photos of another La droguerie here). Once you have decided on the yarn(s) you want, an assistant then retrieves it for you from out the back of the shop in the weight that you require. All neatly wound into a ball.

As soon as I was off the Eurostar ... it was dpns out and a cable hat was created. I made up the cables as I went along ... generally enjoying the feel of the alpaca and the look of it winding into cables.

I'm planning my return to the shop already! Is it too extravagant to go to Paris just to visit one store?