Wednesday, August 20, 2008

oh onion you are so beautiful

onion study
I'm embarking on a wee project with a friend ... which involves me exploring vegetables ... starting with the onion.
I love the way nature seems to explode as you look closer. An onion, a crispy brown skin encasing a whiteish greenish smelly cooking ingredient that makes you cry ... simple.
But start looking and its actually a pinky rust coloured casing with lines expanding through the middle and contracting at the ends. Peel this layer away and the most beautiful greens are revealed fading into white.
onion minus fairy wing
Then look at the peel ... and its actually
I found a fairy's wing
a fairy's wing?

There are so many nuances to the different layers ... some have an almost synthetic electronic quality with tiny surfaces reflecting light in different directions. While other layers are really matt and paper like.

And now for the nudie shot ... quite explicit really.
naked onion

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Sea Angels said... need to get out more!!! talking to onions is not good, not only is it very eccentric, but they don't like it, it's seen as challenging behaviour......I must say the portraits you have done of that onion are very nice though....
Glad to see you posting again.
Hugs Lynn xx
Ps Italy looks do get to some wonderful places. xx