Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As I was going to St Ives ...

Went to Cornwall for the weekend. Tidy little villages meet wild and rugged landscapes. Inspiring.

Inspired by these coastal rocks ... the colours and the textures.


Sea Angels said...

Hello Sarah I love Cornwall....but then who doesn't please can you take the time to visit this site http://www.indiaflint.com/index.htm
I was stunned by her work, and she lives in your home hemisphere, my mouth is still open catching flys....go ...see what I mean xxxx

Francesca said...

hi sarah, just had a good old trawl through your blog and website and may i say - great faffing! you make some gorgeous things, i love your new teatowels.
thanks so much for commenting on my blog, it's always good to find more london (esp north london) bloggers. you look strangely familiar too.

have a good week!