Thursday, June 30, 2016

Not long now

Almost there ... I'm on the final edits of a new top pattern called Remedy Light. Its lighter than the original Sage remedy top and swaps the worsted for a fingering weight yarn. The yarn is Kettle Yarn Co.'s Beyul a gorgeous mix of yak, merino and silk fibres which knits beautifully. I'm quite in love with Beyul, its so very soft and has a beautiful drape. It also crosses seasons well, being warm in winter and cool in summer. Look out for the pattern in my ravelry store at the end of next week.


Jess said...

This is gorgeous! I have zero talent with regards to fiber arts, but I'd definitely pay someone to make it for me. Haha. Such a beautiful color as well.

Catherine Aspinall said...

A beautiful design & knitting it with the beautiful Beaulieu. Bought from Kettle yarns on Saturday at Fibre East