Thursday, September 25, 2008

sketching bunnies

Perhaps I was inspired by Delphine Doreau at Non dairy Diary who's been drawing hens ... perhaps it was the kozyndan prints we have on our wall (this one and this one) ... perhaps it was that I had an idea to embroider some bunnies onto a quilt I'm working on ... anyway I now have a collection of bunny sketches, that don't really work, scale wise, on my quilt ... but I'm sure I can find a use for them somewhere. hmmm?


L'Atelier said...

wow they are so cute! sure you will find something to do with them!
they amazing and inspiring!

angie said...

they are adorable! i just posted a few cute bunnies on my blog this week. sure wish I would have seen these earlier, so I could have included them! *a

L'Atelier said...

hello i've tagged you! please read the details on my blog and join in, it lots of fun