Thursday, September 11, 2008

c'est beau

Isn't he beautiful. This little fulla was found while on a walk up to Lac de L'orceyrette. At the top of the lac there is a type of grass/marshlands where I took the following photo ... the colours were beautiful ... had to make a colour palette from it.
After spending the majority of our time in the Alps we visited a friend near Lyon. He lives in a beautiful rural area near his very hospitiable family. We were spoilt with their good food and company.

I was taken by this little road which resembled something of a patchwork quilt. Perhaps I'll design one inspired by the patterns on this road!


L'Atelier said...

oui c'est beau! :) I love your photos! NO wonder you inspired by them- i can just imagine your excitment! isnt it the most amazing thing discovering this world? Thanks for sharing your discoveries!

virginia said...

just discovered your work and blog via bloesem...absolutely beautiful.
i am always looking at the surface i'm traversing for patterns, color and texture.