Saturday, March 15, 2008

love and create

with left over pieces from my love letters printing session last year, i made a knit needle kit for myself. Very pleased with the result ... i like all the red on white linework next to the pale blue. I'm quite obsessed with pale blue and deep red. I feel a little boring admitting to that ... like a little girl who only likes pink and purple. I have brief romances with greens and yellows ... but ultimately return to the comfort of my beloved red and pale blue

a work in progress shot of my raspy jersey for my beloved ... yes there is a human that must compete with my deep red and pale blue love also

a teatowel with printed teacups printed at the east london print studios

this week i had the great fortune of having an induction session at east london print studios ... i am so delighted that I can jump on a bus and 15minutes later i'm in a fully equipt printing studio ... if i was ever wondering why i love living in London so much, i only need to remind myself that there are about 4 of these kinds of printing studios in london ... now i am creating an easy carry kit that will allow me a kind of studio-on-my-back flexibility ... hence i'm pleased to present the beginnings of my reworked-ikea-bag silkscreen hold all:

I may even embellish it ... although I quite like the simple patchwork of bright blue and white.


Sea Angels said...

Thanks Sarah, nice to see you are back.
Lynn xx

Adam said...

you have been busy! love the teacup dishcloth.... and the raspy jersey of course.